Learning a new hobby or craft in your spare time can be exhilarating. One of the most popular crafting skills today has to be sewing. The craft itself can take on several different meanings including hemming a dress as well as building an entire wardrobe of clothing. Many hobbyists think that sewing is very difficult to master, but if you can follow simple directions over and over then you can definitely learn how to sew. Given the right instructions and with ample practice on one of the best sewing machines anyone will be successful.

Now that you’ve decided to learn about the basics of sewing, you’re likely pondering where to find useful lessons. One very easy way to learn how to sew is to take a class at a local fabric or sewing supply store. The majority of craft stores will also put on sewing classes for beginner up to more advanced users. Many times you’ll receive discounts on sewing supplies by taking the classes as well.

For many people, learning to sew and create unique items for the house is taught to them by their older relatives. Should you have friends or family members who already know how to sew, ask them to show you where to start. They will likely be willing to give you basic lessons to get you started with your project. When it comes to sewing practice definitely makes perfect so you will need to put your time in on the machine. You can find a nice pre-owned Singer sewing machine to learn everything you need.

There’s a lot of information available online for learning how to sew. A fast search query will provide you with page after page of tutorials, some free and some paid. And for additional help you can go to a website like amazon.com to purchase an instructional book or two on sewing.

Your first sewing project ought to be an easy one that will take you step by step so you can learn the ropes. Consider crafting a small pillow for your bed or couch. You do not want to overwhelm yourself the first time as this will only frustrate you. The most important thing is to enjoy yourself and learn at the same time.

Many times when we pick up a new hobby we get very excited and end up spending a lot of money on the very best equipment out there. In the case of sewing, however, it’s really not required. All you ultimately need is a sewing machine and basic sewing equipment like scissors, fabric, measuring tape, needles, pins etc. Since you’re just starting out you shouldn’t spend much money until you are positive it is your cup of tea. You will soon realize if it is the best hobby for you and then with a lot of practice, you will be creating quality garments for all family members.

Want to know how to clean your commercial popcorn popper? Cleaning your machine each time will ensure that you and your friends do not suffer from death and illness. Reading this article will give you all the necessary knowledge to make washing your popcorn machine as easy as counting to three.

Firstly, make sure your popcorn machine has cooled down by waiting until it is cool to the touch. Cleaning a machine that is still hot can be dangerous to your health. Safe temperatures vary from person to person, so use your own judgment and do not clean the machine until you think it is safe to do so.

Following this you will want to make sure all popcorn has been removed from the popcorn machine. You do not want to attempt to disinfect a machine that still has food in it.

Use a sponge or towel to rub the kettle down until it is spotless. Heavy industrial strength cleaners can be used to make your machine shine. After spraying the kettle it is best to wait fifteen to twenty minutes before wiping the spray off. Following this step will ensure the cleaning materials are able to break through any mess left after cooking.

Glass pieces can be cleaned using the same products you would use on your windows. Clean them the same way you would clean glass dishes or windows. Follow this up by wiping them down with a wet wash rag to make sure all the cleaner is removed. Window cleaner is not a good thing to taste when eating a fresh batch of popcorn?

Metal components like trays and posts can be cleaned with soap and water. It is best to wash these by hand, but some machines will allow you to put the components in the dishwasher. See what the users manual says to do before attempting this.

Lastly you will want to completely dry all components of the popcorn maker. This will ensure that the machine is completely clean and give you an easier time when doing your final inspection. Making sure the glass is dry will also keep the machine streak free.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article on cleaning popcorn machines. Use these tips each and every time you clean your machine and you will be sure to keep your popcorn maker running like new for years to come.

You may think everything of importance has already been done and there can’t be any records worth breaking. Simply not true! In recent months a wide range of new Guinness World Records have been set including largest cushion, largest commercially available hamburger, most played online videogame and also the ‘largest gathering of people dressed as video games characters’ believe it or not. So who’s to say you can’t be the next person in the record books? But how do you go about getting the record counted? Read the following article and all will be revealed.

Got an idea for a Guinness World Record but don’t know how to get it verified? Whether you’re planning on breaking an existing record or you’ve come up with a crazy new one, it should be easy as 1-2-3 to send in your record and get it approved immediately.
Is there a cost involved?

No! Applying for a Guinness World Record won’t cost a thing – unless, of course, you request an adjudicator, which will be explained later, for a small fee. Anyone can apply, but under-18s must get approval from a parent or legal guardian first.


  1. Get in contact with Guinness World Records. Always make sure to contact Guinness World Records before making a record attempt so you know what to do. In order to do this, contact Guinness World Records via website. Simply click on “Break a record” and follow the on-screen instructions. Make sure to tell as much as possible about your claim. This is your chance to verify every detail.
  2. Follow the guidelines. If you application is for an existing record, Guinness World Records will send you the guidelines that the current record holder followed; if it’s for a new record, and they like it, they’ll write new guidelines for you. Once you receive these, you’re ready to make an attempt.
  3. Gather Evidence. The guidelines you’re sent will contain details of the evidence they need: expect to film video evidence, take photographs, and have at least two independent written witness statements.
  4. Send all your evidence to Guinness World Records Limited. You will recieve more information about this when you apply for your record on guinnessworldrecords.com. Send it. Next, send them all your evidence. If you want a Guinness World Records adjudicator present at your event, see Adjudicators (below). Otherwise, they’ll get back to you as soon as possible. When you send in your evidence, you will most likely be required to have at least two written witness statements.
  5. Wait. If you’ve requested an adjudicator at your event, he or she can ratify your record immediately. Otherwise, once they receive your package of evidence, Guinness World Record researchers will assess it to make sure that you’ve followed the rules correctly. This process can take a few months, so be patient!
  6. Celebrate! If you’re successful in your attempt, you’ll either receive your official Guinness World Records certificate in the mail within 4-6 weeks or, if you had an adjudicator at your attempt, they’ll present you with your certificate right away.

Throughout the year, Guinness World Record’s Adjudicators travel around the world to seek out new records.


Choosing a record? Please avoid:


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Here’s a bit of a change of direction – we’re now going upwards! Ever wanted to increase you vertical jump? No, nor me, but there are apparently people out there who want to so here’s an article giving you an idea of how to do it. Now let’s go shot some hoops…

How to Jump Higher to Dunk a Basketball

How to Jump Higher to Dunk a Basketball
By Anthony Lee

Dunking a basketball has always been the source of awe for the basketball fanatics.

Sometimes, dunks can even determine the name of the outcome of a competitive and exciting game. That is why most basketball players nowadays are aiming to get the perfect dunking skills for them to be able to show off or flaunt.

However, doing such or attaining such a skill, requires a lot of discipline. That is because to be able to dunk better, the basketball player has to improve and work out his larger muscle group – the legs.


It is very elementary. The knowledge that jumping requires agility and strength of the leg muscle group is a basic and very apparent and logical.

Jumping requires applying force to the feet, and to be able to jump higher, more force is needed.

That is why to be able to jump higher and dunk a basketball better, here are some useful tips that can be of great help to you, the basketball player.

1) Do leg exercises

There are a number of leg exercises. The good thing about it is that these exercises can be done even outside the gym. These exercises can be very simple and can be performed even if you are just standing in the bus terminal, waiting for the next ride.

a. Stand firmly on the ground. Then stand on your toes, down to the ground, and do the procedure repeatedly.

b. Jump up and down. It does not necessarily be higher.

c. Jog round if you have time. Jogging is not just a good leg exercise but also an effective cardiovascular activity.

d. Jump using a jumping rope.

e. Stretch your leg muscles every now and the. It does not only relaxes you but also improve the circulation in that muscle group.

2) Wear the best shoes when playing the game

There are good shoes out in the market nowadays that are very comfortable and ideal for basketball games. Basketball shoes currently are considered necessities in the lives of basketball players.

Sometimes, shoes add up to their confidence, which in turn boost agility, inspiration and then, performance. Imagine having a dunk, people will be staring at your shoes, so prepare for the occasion and wear the best shoes. Your shoes tell stories about you, don’t you think?

Overall, jumping higher to dunk a basketball depends on your mood during the play. Open up your mind, be happy and relaxed while playing the game.

To learn more tips on jumping higher, please visit http://www.how-to-go-up-strong.com/

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Anthony_Lee

Are you looking to maintain a lovely garden, but you’re not sure when, or how much to water? Or perhaps you just forget to water, and all your hard work wilts or dies? Here is a simple and relatively inexpensive way to solve your watering dilemma.


  1. Purchase a faucet hose timer. These items can be bought for as little as USD $15.
  2. Put in fresh batteries at the beginning of each growing season.
  3. Attach the timer to an outdoor spigot.
  4. Attach your feeder hose to the timer.
  5. At the end of your feeder hose, attach a hose manifold or multiple line splitters to accommodate the number of soaker hoses or sprinkler heads you need.
  6. Test your set up by turning the faucet on, turning the timer on, and checking to be sure water is coming out where you need it to.
  7. Adjust the stop valves as necessary to regulate the flow of water.
  8. Set the timer. The inexpensive ones give you several options such as half an hour twice a day, or an hour once a day, etc. The expensive ones allow you to be much more precise in when and how long you are watering.
  9. Observe the next few days of watering cycles to be certain everything is working as planned.
    • Note:If using sprinkler heads, you can use the method described in How to Calibrate Your Sprinklers to make sure your plants are getting the right amount of water.
  10. Relax, knowing you can leave for extended periods of time without worrying about whether your plants will be alive when you return.


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