Buying A PVC Door Curtain? Read This

If you want your business or your facility to run as smooth as possible, you need to install the right systems and equipment. The same reason why you will need a PVC door curtain in certain locations in your building so as to allow the free flowing of staff and products from room to room. This is usually used in food processing plants and also where staff are using forklifts to move items around.

PVC or polyvinyl chloride is a thermoplastic polymer is the third mostly widely produced plastic in the world. Its popularity is mainly because it is very affordable, lasts very long, and very easy to assemble allowing for its many uses. Aside from being used as door curtains, PVC is also a favorite material for flooring products, hoses, roofing materials, pipes, for cable installation, and also for waterbeds and other inflatables.

There are certain environmental benefits out of using a PVC door curtain within your building. Because it does not only provide an easy access for your staff and their materials, but this type of door will also help keeping contaminants and other unwanted elements outside of the room where this kind of door has been installed. Elements such as dust, insects, draught, noise, and even welding sparks can be controlled because of this.

When it comes to selecting PVC doors, there are certain things that you must first consider. One is the grade and right now there are three types of grades: ribbed, standard, and polar quality. If your facility or the room where you will install a PVC door will not go below zero degrees in temperature, the standard grade would be ideal. But if it will go below that temperature, particularly in cold storage facilities, the best choice would be polar quality. And if forklifts will pass through your curtain most of the time then the ribbed grade is the perfect one.

Aside from the grades, there are also different sizes that you can choose from. For pedestrian traffic, the best size for that is the 200/2. If your facility mostly has both people and light mechanical traffic, then go with the 300/2. The next size, which is 300/3, is perfect for both human and moderate mechanical traffic. And if you have heavy mechanical traffic especially large forklifts, then the 400/4 size is the right one to use. Consult with your PVC door curtain dealer as to what size is appropriate for your facility.

Then there is also the question of which type of hanging system should you be using for your curtain door. The hanging rails and plates system is currently among the most commonly used one. There are sizes such as 200mm, 300mm, and 400mm that you can choose from, of course it depends on the size of the strips itself. There is also the bolt on system which is ideal for big openings where heavy traffic of both mechanical and human will pass through every single day.

Lastly, check if the manufacturer or the seller provides installation services. Perhaps they will just provide you with the blueprint and the instructions for you or your staff to follow to install it in your place. For a better guarantee on the quality of the door curtain that you are getting, get it from a company that will also install it for you.

These are the tips that you need to know when you are looking to purchase a PVC door curtain or any traffic doorway system. Just inquire with at least two suppliers so you will have a good selection of the door curtains, not in just for the price but also for the quality as well.