How to choose the right Gas RC Vehicle

Deciding you’d like to buy a gas radio control vehicle is just the start, you’ll soon realise that there are many different trucks and cars to choose from. If you’re ever going to get started in your new hobby then you need to start narrowing things down. Modern RC trucks are split into four major types, Monster Truck, Stadium Truck, Buggy and Truggy. I’ve included buggies in this list as they are more closely related to trucks than they are to cars. This is open to debate but anyone interested in RC trucks would be wise to also consider buggies in my opinion. With that said, here is an overview of each truck type with their relative merits compared.

Monster Truck
These are the giants of the RC truck world with oversized balloon tyres, impressively large suspension components and equally impressive big brute engines. If the real rough terrain needs traversing, these are the trucks to do it!

Stadium Truck
These are the little brothers of the monster truck, built more for speed than outright off-road ability. The huge tyres and suspension setups are replaced with ones more befitting these lighter, slimmer vehicles. They still like to see some off-road action just not in quite as extreme fashion as the monster trucks.

Whilst not strictly a truck they have a lot in common with the truck family so are included here for completeness. They are most closely related to stadium trucks and possess similar tyre and suspension configurations. Their trump card is their low centre of gravity, this provides them with both great cornering and jumping ability.

The new boy on the block as far as gas RC trucks are concerned, as the name suggests these are a cross between a truck and a buggy. They take on the positive aspects of both parent vehicle types to create an intriguing new design which has huge potential when it comes to off-road track racing.

Which type is best for you will largely depend on where and how you wish to run your truck. There’s little point going for a monster truck if the only action it will see is on a level grass playing field. Likewise don’t expect to take your lightweight stadium truck rock crawling, it won’t appreciate the punishment, that’s for sure. Marrying truck type to terrain is the key to getting the most enjoyment out of your new purchase, get the right truck and it will pay you back with many hours of driving pleasure!

Photo by rbackowski